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The best beauty and personal care tips for 2021.

Best beauty and personal care tips for 2021

The daily routine that everyone goes through can be really exhausting. Work, family, financial obligations, among other things. It’s those kinds of things that cause physical personal neglect in both women and men. So we often require beauty and personal care tips that allow us to pamper ourselves from time to time.

The skin and hair may look exhausted and lifeless, and may need an early vacation. The first thing is to start taking simple steps in order to be able to good beauty and personal care habits.

All this makes us wonder: What would be the best beauty and personal care tips? What are the best beauty products for 2021? What would be the best self care gifts for women? / What are the best self care kits for 2021? / What are the best self care planners / journals for 2021?

Best beauty and personal care tips.

Beauty and personal care tips
  1. Always try to wash your hands before washing your face; since bacteria and viruses can be transferred by your fingertips.

2. Never wash your face with hot water; because it can irritate and remove the natural oils from your skin. Instead, we recommend that you use warm water to remove scrubs and cleansers.

3. It is good that you start with the basics; As a cleanser made especially for your skin type, use moisturizers that have sunscreen to protect you from the sun’s rays. Similarly, avoid harsh soaps and try to use mild cleansers.

4. Hydrate your skin daily; A moisturizer for the day that also contains a broad spectrum sunscreen would suffice

5. Exfoliate your skin at least once a week; With this you will be able to eliminate the dead cells that have been in the superficial part of your skin.

Best beauty products for 2021.

Best Beauty products

Magnet Extreme Lengthening Mascara; With this product you can grab and hook each tab to unfold, making your eyes look bigger and wider.

Recipe Glow Watermelon Glow Pink Dream Body Cream; allows you to remove dry patches on elbows and knees, and you can also use it as a hand cream as many times as you want during a normal day.

IGK Good Behavior Spirulina Protein Softening Balm, serves as a keratin mimic. It offers you a very smooth and silky bang to the unruly waves that can form in your hair.

OleHenriksen Lemonade Smoothing Scrub; You can use it once or twice a week when you shower, giving your skin a very soft feeling.

Best self care gifts for woman.

Best self care gifts

The 5-Minute Journal; It is a personal care gift that works very well and has many advantages for both your mental health and your level of productivity, as it is designed for people who need clarity, concentration and a lot of stimulation.

LUSH quality bath bombs; they are very shiny and usually come in individual packages.

Crackling wooden candles; you get the smell you want and also the relaxing sound of the wood when it creaks.

Self-care subscription clubs; you can receive a box every month with many personal care items that you have not tried before.

Daily affirmation socks; They give you a lot of comfort and are great for your mental health.

Tracking water bottle per hour; With this you can keep track of how much water you drink during the day, being a guarantee if you are one of those people who requires to be hydrated all the time.

Weighted blanket; They are very good for improving your sleep, which is very relevant especially when we talk about personal care.

Best self care kits for 2021.

Best self care kits

Mayberry Emu X AE Australia shoe

Feeling Smitten Milk Carton Bath Bomb – Cookies & Milk; it is an excellent product to relax.

Theragun Elite percussion therapy device; it is very for those with a lot of stress and have knots in their back. It works very well, once you use it you will feel like you have had a deep tissue massage.

Aerie Sherpa sleep mask; You will enjoy a great night’s sleep when you put it on.

Inner box that busts boredom; As its name implies, it is a product that combats boredom and leisure time.

Slip For Beauty Sleep Slipsilk pure silk pillowcase; It is considered a luxurious product, and they are great for the care of your skin and hair.

Best self care planners / journals for 2021.

THE DIARY “YES YOU CAN” BY RACHEL HOLLIS; With this notebook you can allow yourself to write down the 5 things that you are grateful for every day, you will also have a space to plan 10 years in the future. If you can write your future freely, you will surely feel better prepared.

PLANNER RACHEL HOLLIS “FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS”; It is like a textbook, you have a vision of the days, weeks and months. Can last 90 days and its purpose is to help you make the most of your days and at the same time focus on your personal care.

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