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Best fashion tips for 2021

Best fashion tips for 2021

It is no secret to anyone that this year has been a very quiet year in the world of fashion.

But this season has brought some designs full of boldness and a lot of elegance. Like big blazers and in charge, very striking blue bags and face masks with their elegant tone, which by the way were dominant in the fashion weeks during the last weeks.

This undoubtedly makes us think about what will be the best fashion tips for 2021?

Therefore, below we will present the best fashion trends for 2021 for both women and men.

Best fashion trends for 2021 (Women).

Best fashion tips for 2021

Boyfriend style jackets with oversized shoulder pads

It shows off a very long silhouette and you can play with the shapes by wearing a larger blazer inspired by the 80s. Thanks to the shoulder pads, this coat design can better fit your waist and lengthen your legs .

Mix this style with leather pants giving it a much more modern touch, the most appropriate colors for this trend are light blue, neutrals and charcoal.

This can be worn both upwards and downwards and it will always have its touch of elegance without having to try too hard.

Black face masks

As we are in a pandemic, it is necessary to protect your health. But it is not a sin to do it with style.

The black masks are very elegant and can be combined with whatever clothes you are wearing at the time and provide better protection to your nose and mouth.

You can prefer a silky fabric so you can breathe easier or wear something that has ornaments that makes you look elegant.

Combine them with hairstyles that show off your beauty, wear anything like a red trench coat or a colorful suit that reflects elegance and style.

Head scarves

Taking as a reference the decade of the 50s and 60s it has served as a lot of inspiration.

Although it may not seem like it, a scarf can protect your hair and give your outfit a definitive touch without being over the top.

Choose a silk design with floral motifs or inlaid patterns, or you can also add a touch of simplicity by using colors that attract more attention.

At the time of use you can wrap the fabric under your chin in a loose knot or place it at the back of your head, you can make combinations by wrapping it around your neck or letting it hang from your bag.

Sorbet Pastel Shades

Sorbet-inspired colors have become the ideal summer alternative and can be tailored to a variety of skin tones.

You can always choose between a cool mint green swimsuit or a larger trench coat in soft lavender, or you can also try them on at the same time.

Full suits or separate ones in soft, buttery tones add to the aesthetic and will continue to be one of the most stylish looks for seasons to come.

Best fashion trends for 2021 (Men).

Best fashion tips for 2021

The New Utility

This utilitarian trend has been around for a long time, where the safari jacket has managed to stand out on spring and summer shows.

In this year 2021, the appearance was updated with a more complete environment of high functions. Such as military field jackets, balmain safari outfits, and a deluxe crocodile field jacket at Dior, this summer anyone can look like they’ve just come out of an apocalypse.


It may be considered more of a micro-trend. But several nautical notes have appeared in the shows, including knitted intarsia sweaters with Gucci anchors, which combine tailored separators with colors ready for the holiday season, and navy sweaters in the Casablanca show, commonly. covered in sun.

The return of the windbreaker

Bomber jackets are sure to be great for the spring and summer season. Although it may not look like a novelty, the truth is that there are more versions of this classic aviator jacket in the shows, and they are very numerous.

Of which we can mention, there are the 70s inspired cropped bomber jackets made in functional nylon at Gucci, the classic high gloss flight jackets from Philipp Plein.

Go wide or go home

The big menswear designers sent a wide variety of very baggy pants. There are some that were cut in a sleek, modern Yves Saint Laurent style with pleats and draped with a fluidity that proves a lot of tailoring prowess.

 This is an oversized trench coat

It is no secret that a trench coat is an essential part of spring and summer this year. The key is to wear your own oversized trench coat and combine it with other surprise accessories, such as shorts on your legs for example.

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